Pool design ceramic backflow incense holder with satya incense

Pool design ceramic backflow incense holder with satya incense

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Pool design Backflow incense holder, ceramic backflow incense holder with satya incense, eco friendly, vegan backflow incense cones

This listing is for a beautiful ceramic backflow incense holder and a pack of 24 dragons blood satya backflow incense cones.

When the backflow incense cone is lit, the smoke from the cone cascades downwards in a Waterfall effect to pool at bottom.
It is beautiful to watch and I like to use them in my art studio during painting or in meditation.

Included with the holder is a pack of 24 satya backflow incense cones where you can choose from the following fragrances:
Palo santo
Dragons blood
White sage

Satya incense is the only incense I use and sell because is is vegan, all natural ingredients and handmade,handrolled in india. It is a fair trade item. It provides a strong fragrance and each cone will burn for approx 20mins.

For the best results burn in a area away from sudden air movement.

It is normal to see a light residue to appear on the burner after a few uses, I just give it a wipe down every now and then.
I would recommend protecting any furniture your burner is placed on.

Only backflow incense works with backflow burners.