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Satya incense cones seven variety value pack

Satya incense cones seven variety value pack

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Thislisting is for  an incense cones variety pack.
In this pack you will receive 7 packs of incense cones, one of each fragrance I stock.

You will receive one pack of each of these fragrances:

Dragons blood
Nag champa
Super hit
White sage


Satya incense is hand rolled in India using natural extracts and scented oils.

Hand rolled in India using artisanal methods that have been passed down generation to generation.

Made with all natural ingredients, pure resins,scented oils and natural adhesives.

Each pack contains 12 cones and also a small holder to place the cones on. incense cones are a ideal alternative to incense sticks if wanting to avoid mess caused with sticks.

Cone burn time is approx 30mins

It is a fair trade item

I have listed this because many of my students when I’m teaching my workshops ask me what incense I use when teaching or in meditation.

Meditation is a important part of my creative practice. Before having a day working on my art designs, I will carry out a morning meditation, then gather inspiration from walking with my poochie Stan around where I live in the cotswolds.

I like to use incense when working in my studio to create a calm space, especially when working on my mandala designs.




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