Dynavap slingstash
Dynavap slingstash

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Dynavap SlingStash


The SlingStash from DynaVap protects your DynaVap device from loose dirt and debris and keeps any unwanted odors locked away.


Store your stash

The SlingStash not only stores your DynaVap, it also has the capacity for 3-5 cycles’ worth of material, so you’re covered for in-the-field sessions.


Cushion the rattle

Safely cocoon your favorite vape and prevent any rattling while you’re on the go.


No more hot caps

The integrated decapper grips a hot cap and allows for one-handed removal, keeping your fingers away from the hot metal. (** Also compatible with the Armored Cap, but DynaVap recommends waiting for the cool down click prior to decapping).


Built to last

Made from machined aluminum tubing and encased in a silicone sling. Like all DynaVap products, the SlingStash is built with durability in mind.



Works great with all standard length (92mm) DynaVaps, so the DynaVap M, DynaVap B, VonG, and Omni. Can also be used with XL devices, when the material cup is removed. Not compatible with the BB6 or BB9.


Official accessory of DynaVap

This is an official OEM DynaVap part, made by DynaVap in Wisconsin, USA.