Little rick cbd drink piba colada mocktail

Little rick - cbd drink pina mocktail

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Little rick cbd pina mocktail

Little Rick's Piña is an in house flavour, created and inspired by the Pinã Colada cocktail we all know and love. This flavour creation combines a pineapple sweet tang and a smooth creaminess of super subtle coconut. 

Little Rick Piña ticks the following boxes:


low calorie

only natural sweeteners

only natural flavours

vegan friendly

halal friendly (<0.03% ABV)

contains no preservatives

UK produced



Sparkling water, sugar, 6% pineaple juice from concentrate, natural flavourings, acid: citric acid, Sweetner: steviol glycosides, Stabiliser: gum Arabica, antioxidant: asorbic acid, hemp extract (Cannabidiol 32mg/330ml)


Little Rick Hemp Extract

Our hemp extract is as complete as possible, and is considered a full-plant extract. The result is a full-spectrum product containg a range of cannabinoids, from CBD to CBG and even CBC.


Nutritional values:

Energy: 77kJ/ 19 kCal,

Fats: 0

of which saturates: 0

Carbohydrates: 4.4

of which sugars: 4.3

Protein: 0

Salt: 0


Our original recipe Cannabinoid profile contains:

32mg CBD

6mg of CBG

1.2mg CBC

Consumption Advice

Don't worry! Having a Little Rick will not have a psychoactive effect.


Allow 30 minutes after drinking for full effects to take place. Effects last up to 8 hours.


Do not operate heavy machinery after drinking.


Not suited for under 18's or pregnant/ breastfeeding individuals.